The Truth Behind What We Know about Colds and Flu

The Truth Behind What We Know about Colds and Flu

People usually get confused about how to tell if a person has a cold or flu. It is also a common misperception that colds are in season during winter. But studies revealed that people are more prone to colds during the summer and spring seasons.

It is common knowledge, and everybody believes that exposure to cold and cold water can make a person catch cold. The truth is that exposure to cold temperature is not accountable for someone who catches a cold or flu. The reason behind it is that when a person experiences either of the two, he or she feels cold or chilled, so the misconception may be derived from that.

Aside from that, cold air at times may cause runny noses, and not necessarily only during a cold. Some of the known causes of cold are having a slightly depressed immune system, malnutrition and not having enough sleep.

People who get sick on vacation are actually experiencing “leisure sickness”. In a research, it found out that when a person is busy, the body is likewise active. When at rest, the body’s defenses are also at rest. A research conducted at the Netherlands arrived at the conclusion that workaholics are most likely to catch a cold during vacation.

Another question that has to be cleared is the difference between a cold and flu. One thing to remember is that flu comes with a high fever, muscle aches, and body weakness that will keep a person in bed.


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