The Top 10 Herbs Of All Time 2

The Top 10 Herbs Of All Time 2

Number two in the list of the top 10 herbs of all time is hawthorn, a little known but abundantly helpful herb.

The hawthorn plant itself is a flowering shrub which produces berries – and the berries contain the benefits. In fact, they are enormously beneficial to the heart. Studies show that hawthorn can help the heart pump better, due to the fact that the berries will open up the coronary arteries.

This ultimately nourishes and strengthens the heart muscles. If you have a rapid heart beat, hawthorn can help slow it down; it can even help failing hearts.

It can help to decrease and stabilize high blood pressure, particularly if this occurs in conjunction with an increased diastolic pressure. It can even help low blood pressure and arrhythmia.

However, you do need to use the herb for at least six months. It is said that it is best used in the form of an herbal tonic.


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