Safety Tips for Soccer Lovers

Safety Tips for Soccer Lovers

A World Cup is at its peak as I write this post (a country is suffering a big upset courtesy of another). The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons takes advantage of the big event and push for amateur players to take some caution for their own safety when playing soccer.

The association of doctors reminds sports enthusiasts that soccer is a demanding sport and can cause a lot of injuries even to the best of players. Injuries can range from ligament tears, sprains, fractures, and other physical damage which may need surgery to repair.

Even athletes who are in superior condition are at risk to incur injuries. It is very important for every player to implore proper techniques, warm up properly, and be conscious of the condition of the soccer field.

The AAOS wants to reiterate the importance of being in tip top condition and making sure soccer players are taking steps to be in great condition for the game. This applies to all ages.

According to a study, about 570,000 players were injured last year while playing soccer.
The group of doctors reminds us of these safety tips:

Get in shape. It will be best to stay in shape if you want to engage in the game. Make sure that you do proper stretching, agility routine and strength training if you haven’t played soccer in a while.

Remember to warm up, wear the right shoes, have the right gear, and drink a lot of water.
Your team should also have a plan to properly deal with concussions, contusions, dislocations, sprains, and fractures.


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